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Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to some of the finest talent from around the world who would love to work under your leadership.

As a United States Department of State designated sponsor for international exchange visitors, Signature services, a division of Signature Services Corporation, in Dallas, Texas, can fill your management training needs with highly qualified professional employees for up to eighteen months.  Our program is designed to offer you employees who are dedicated to learning American methods of leadership and management.  You will benefit from their sincere desire to master American “know how” in your chosen field while they first learn on the job skills at all levels available to them. 

This is a very cost effective method for you to strengthen your workforce, improve your productivity, and culturally enhance your organization.  After their training is completed the individuals return to their home country where perhaps your business may have affiliated offices that could benefit from the training you have provided. 

 Trainee Requirements:

  1. The trainee must complete an application designed by Signature Services, submit two reference letters and pass a personal interview exam with proficiency in the English language, written and verbal.
  2. The trainee must be of high moral character with no criminal history and capable of financial support.
  3. The trainee must have at least two years of college and or experience in the field he/she is to be trained in i.e. hospitality management, commerce, information systems, and other business applications.
  4. All positions are designated as “trainee (non-specialty).”  Therefore the program can be designed around your specific needs.

 Contact Information:

             Please let us hear from you by the below listed methods and we will respond immediately:


            Post:     Signature Services

                       2705 Hawes Avenue

                       Dallas, Texas  75235

            Phone:    1-800-929-5519 (u.s. only)


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